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This episode pays tribute to one of rock and roll’s most flamboyant pioneers and pop icons. Although he’s best known for his many 1950s hits, he continued to make the rock and rhythm & blues charts for another four decades. 

Throughout his career, he was conflicted by his devout Christian faith and his love for secular music. And for a while, he retired from show business to become a minister. Eventually, he combined both callings. 

Once nicknamed the “Hepcat From Hell,” he openly challenged Elvis Presley for the title, “King Of Rock & Roll.” He’s Little Richard.

We’ll sample all of his hit singles, the original versions by other artists that he emulated, and the charted 45 rpm remakes of his songs by other singers, such as Pat Boone, Bill Haley & His Comets, and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, among others. Plus Little Richard’s hit connections with Jimi Hendrix, Billy Preston, Quincy Jones, Canned Heat, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Philip Bailey, and the Beach Boys.

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