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This episode pays tribute to rock and roll royalty – emperors, kings, queens, princes, pharaohs, khans, and even a sheik, as well as other similarly named sovereigns who all ruled positions on the rock singles chart. 

We’ll also present the pop music potentates who also were imperial or royal. They’re joined on our regal roll call by numerous nobility such as dukes, earls, counts, viscounts, lords, ladies, and knights, whose quests for a Top 100 hit were successful. 

Along the way, we’ll reveal how a lady superstar got her stage name from a song by a queen. And we’ll relate how a king became the only person with a U.S. national holiday named after him ever to record a hit single. 

Our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, joins us with more fun factoids and a salute to the seven rock and pop performers who’ve been knighted by Queen Elizabeth the Second – including two who did a duet on a #1 record.

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