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This is part one of a two-part salute to the most commercially successful female rock and pop singer of all-time. Her recordings have sold more than 200 million copies world-wide.

She also set a solid gold standard for international stardom by any vocalist. She was one of the first American or British pop and rock stars to release songs in languages other than English – leading the way for the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and many other artists to do so, too. 

We’ll track her complete U.S. singles history, along with the original versions by other artists that inspired her hit renditions. We’ll also include some of her foreign language hits, too. 

She’s the incomparable Connie Francis. 

Our resident rockologist Ken Deutsch interviewed her for this series, and she has some delightful stories to share, including how a song that two famed composers were reluctant to show her became the first million selling 45 by a female artist. 

Hear it all here.

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