Episode: Out Of Line

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Out Of Line
Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon ask if Trevor Bauer was out of line, if Ezekiel Elliot deserves as much as Todd Gurley, does Brooks Kopeka need more "regular" PGA wins and more.

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Pouya and Suicide Boys have both had 2 of the most popular No Jumper interviews but today we got a chance to dig a little deeper into the Buffett Boys universe. Germ and Don Krez came on the show and managed to keep it informative while also making me laugh my ass off the entire time. Enjoy! 00:40 How Krez met Pouya 02:00 How Krez got started in the music business 03:40 UU 05:00 Meeting Germ 06:00 Groupie stories 10:00 Germ’s Vine 11:30 Skating 14:30 Beefing with motorcycle gangs on tour 20:00 GANG 25:00 Yogi / Crystal Meth 27:00 Airplane Xan story 32:30 More groupie stories and crashing the van 38:00 Germ’s New Orleans trip 42:00 Raider Klan reunion tour 46:00 Yesjulz 48:50 Things On Germ 51:00 Antwuan Dixon 54:00 RIP BABY 56:30 Having a threesome on acid while watching Adult Swim 58:00 Tag Your Sponsor 1:04:00 Lotion 1:05:30 Putting cocaine in an asshole 1:09:30 Germ can switch hard flip 1:13:00 When The Lean Runs Out 1:14:00 Getting your ass eaten 1:18:00 Raw dogging 1:20:00 Gangbang etiquette 1:21:30 The bullet curse 1:25:30 Fat Nick be simping ---- No Jumper is The Coolest Podcast In The World...
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