Episode: What Do We Do With Expectations?

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What Do We Do With Expectations?

Have you had a recent disagreement in a relationship, which you can’t quite find the cause of? It might be because of your expectations! One of the quickest ways to frustrate and fracture a relationship is to try and hold someone accountable for expectations that are either unrealistic or uncommunicated. 

In today’s episode of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast, Lysa TerKeurst shares practical ways to navigate the conversation on expectations that will help you and your spouse, friend, or even co-worker, have a better relationship. You’re going to want to take notes for this one as Lysa helps you...

  • Determine the difference between realistic and unrealistic expectations, and how to make peace with those that aren’t realistic.
  • Understand that putting off the conversation about any kind of unmet expectation will create a wedge between you and the other person. 
  • Make the choice to choose the relationship over the uncertainty of uncommunicated expectations today.

Download the transcript for this episode here. 

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