Episode: How to Make Room for Your Calling

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How to Make Room for Your Calling

Whether you are a student, a wife, a mother or a caretaker of aging parents, we all want to fulfill that special calling God has placed on our lives. But how do you do that in the midst of running errands, caring for your loved ones and fulfilling the role your current season requires? 

In this episode of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast, Lisa Allen answers that question by giving a practical teaching on making room for the assignment God has for you. You’ll discover...

  • Making time for your connection to God results in a heart-posture that spills over into your role each day.
  • Creating margin in your schedule by not living deadline-to-deadline, allows you to react to life’s surprises without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Being fully present in a hands-on season of life (even if it means your calling starts to simmer) is okay because that season won’t last forever.
  • God is equipping and developing your character in the midst of your season right now.

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