Episode: Why Your Church Slogan Isn't Good Enough

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Why Your Church Slogan Isn't Good Enough

Today we’re going to outline the case for why your church needs a better church slogan. Because your slogan isn’t just a set of arbitrary words. It’s meant to inform your leadership’s decision making and help bring your faith community closer together. So in this episode, we’ll contrast good church slogans versus less-than-good church slogans and give you the actionable tools you need to craft a better slogan for your church.







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What is a slogan? (4:30)

Why is it important? (10:20)

How to craft a great slogan? (13:45)

How we apply these same principles to Nucleus? (25:50)


TOP 5 (49:45)

Q&A (1:07:35)

Pro Church Tools with Brady Shearer
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