Episode: How Does The TikTok Algorithm Work? [5 Secrets You Need To Know]

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How Does The TikTok Algorithm Work? [5 Secrets You Need To Know]

Today on The Pro Church Tools Show you’ll learn exactly how the TikTok algorithm works. And when we say *exactly* we mean it. Because our friends at Life.Church called us up after they met with a TikTok engineer and they spilled the beans on how videos get ranked on TikTok. And by the end of this episode, your church will know what it needs to do to get started with TikTok on the right foot - and how to improve the chances of your videos going viral.



***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: https://prochurchtools.com/how-does-the-tiktok-algorithm-work-5-secrets-you-need-to-know/






#1: It’s unusual to get this type of insight into a social media algorithm (2:30)


#2: What about those who say you shouldn’t be on TikTok because it’s not safe for kids? (4:00)


#3: TikTok starts with algorithms instead of friends (6:40)


#4: Each video gets pushed out to a small batch of users and then based on the results, it moves the medium batch test, gets a video integrity rating, large batch goes for about four days if it reaches that spot, then an account review team looks at the content and decides does this need to go super viral on FYP or expire (14:00)


#5: Each account has an authority ranking (17:45)


#6: Delayed Explosion (23:50)


#7: Limit your accounts login to one cell phone (28:00)


#8: Element of verticality (28:00)


#9: Life.Church thinks they’re probably going to go off-brand with this platform - and they already have permission to do that (29:30)


Top 5 (37:00)


Q&A (54:50)




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