Episode: Agile Leadership w/ Dr. Marie Alcazar

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Agile Leadership w/ Dr. Marie Alcazar

Latest episode of Powerbanking with guest Dr. Marie Alcazar. Marie is an Agile Transformation Leader and Ecosystem Coach with deep domain knowledge in business agility and digital transformation. As a life-long learner,  Marie combines her skills, experience and education around Organizational Transformation, Leadership, and Agile to meet people where they are and help them pivot to the new. Her in-the-trenches leadership style and instinctive ability to connect with people to solve real problems in real time has resulted in best in breed results for for clients, along with current and past employers. Marie is a SAFe Certified Program Consultant, Release Train Engineer, Coach, and seasoned Change Practitioner, with the first 15 years of her career spent focusing on organizational change, and the most recent 9 years leading the way on Agile Transformation. She loves what she does and is passionate about doing work that truly makes a difference for both her company and her clients.

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Learn more about women leaders in male-dominated industries at www.zerogap.co

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