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Episode 011

Episode 011: Cazenovia, Wisconsin. Steven Rinella and Janis Putelis join Doug Duren at his family farm. Subjects discussed: the leveling of Wisconsin by glaciers, and how Wisconsin’s Driftless Area was spared; why Latvians love the Driftless; managing for whitetail deer on private land; generational differences in hunting deer; earn-a-buck programs as a way of changing public attitudes about harvesting does; animism; letting bucks walk past unscathed; Doug’s giant famous buck; perspectives on whitetail overpopulation; Doug’s penchant for fact-checking people’s claims right in front of them; red oaks vs. black oaks; agricultural land management as it relates to wildlife management; magical antlers; the demonization of trophy hunters; the joys of hearing a John Deere tractor; and the only kind of giant buck Steve is interested in shooting.

Guests in Episode #11:
Doug Duren
Watch Hunts on the Duren Farm in Volume 2 (Big Bucks and Small Game: Whitetail Deer) and Volume 6 (Opening Day: Wisconsin Whitetail (Parts 1 + 2)

Janis Putelis
Hunt to Eat

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