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Episode 008
Prince of Wales Island, Alaska: Weathering a rainstorm during a Sitka Blacktail Hunt, Steven Rinella talks with guests Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Janis Putelis, and Dan Doty. Subjects discussed: the highly flammable nature of Frito Lay corn chips; staying warm with fleece sleeping bag liners; getting stranded by bad weather when doing fly-in hunts; why suffering is fun; how everything in life is a reaction to whatever happened last; overlooked DIY big game hunts; how bald eagles salute Bryan Callen when he takes his shirt off; infanticide among bear populations; evolution and coincidence; Steve's animal scat collection; Hunter S. Thompson; Mormon apostate James Jesse Strang; moose droppings as incense; the anxiety of influence; and why it's bad if women think you're "nice" but it's good if women think you're "funny."     Notes and misc links: Steven Rinella's coffee table scat collection: http://themeateater.com/2012/scat-collection/ Matt Rinella on the joys of moose scat incense: http://themeateater.com/2012/scat-and-sniff/ Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth

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