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Episode 007
Madison, Wisconsin. Steven Rinella talks with Remi Warren, Doug Duren, and Janis Putelis. Subjects discussed: big game hunting in New Zealand; getting poison oak on your pecker; whether or not there's a difference between poison oak and poison ivy; the redneck capitol of Wisconsin; acclimatization committees and impacts on New Zealand's wildlife; Steve's reluctance to eat human beings; extirpation of 500-pound birds by Polynesian cultures; Janis's need to save money for kiddy bicycles; weasels, ferrets, mongooses, and rats; Remi's first shotgun; the hardest animal to hunt; the qualities of Himalayan tahr meat; hunting Canada geese with a rifle; apex predators; how a blue heron's life is tougher than you'd think; the novelist Tom Robbins; and Remi Warren's latest TV project. Guests: Remi Warren Host of Apex Predator Doug Duren Janis Putelis Misc. Links: The 4-part New Zealand episodes of MeatEater featuring Remi Warren Janis' Hunttoeat.com site Download episodes of Remi Warren's new show Apex Predator

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