Episode: Ep. 122: Live from Denver

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Ep. 122: Live from Denver
Denver, CO: Steven Rinella talks with Ryan Callaghan and Cody Lujan, along with Brody Henderson and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.   Subjects Discussed: Folsom hunters; fidelity to a place; more on morels; squirrely vs. western, revisited; other MeatEater housekeeping items; old Mose the grizz and the ballad of Ed Wiseman; Gore and the rapacious nature of man; an exercise in morality; what's your shot to kill ratio?; a 1/4 pound turkey liver, and more.   The MeatEater Podcast Live is coming to Minneapolis. Click here for more information and to get tickets.   To learn more about the ideas and materials referenced in this episode check out the show notes here.    

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