Episode: Ep. 103 Thirteen Bullets

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Ep. 103 Thirteen Bullets

Las Vegas, NV- Steven Rinella talks with Ryan Callaghan of First Lite, along with Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects discussed: going pantsless at the table; Chef Kaido and salting fish for sushi, morel tips and other wild foods know-how; is the sun setting on Old Bay Seasoning?; the peritoneal and thoracic cavities; sewing yourself back up; the loose math of packing enough bullets; things gettin' "western"; the upshot of cannibalism; Cabeza de Vaca and making shakes outta folks; the reasons for game huddling up in no-mans lands; the categorical imperative and the morality of hunting; high fence vs. fair chase; artisanal small batch deer drives; love handles; and more..

Check out the show notes here for the ideas, studies, and materials referenced in this episode.

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