Episode: Plaid Radio - Episode 6 - Dr. Alise Cortez

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Plaid Radio - Episode 6 - Dr. Alise Cortez

Dr. Alise Cortez is an Engagement and Development Catalyst based in Dallas. She designs and delivers professional development, leadership, and engagement workshops and speaks on various related topics.. Alise began this career in 1998 as a staffing professional at Analysts International, progressed to corporate recruiting consulting at VoiceStream/T-Mobile, and went on to HR System implementation and change management consulting projects at Hewitt Associates and PepsiCo. She also co-founded and served as VP of Sales & Marketing at Improved Experience, a consulting firm that offered online feedback solutions and research for the HR and Recruiting industry. Today, she is focused on igniting meaningful development that increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance within organizations.

Connect with Dr. Alise Cortez at www.alisecortez.com/

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