Episode: Ep. 14: Is Sony A Mount Dead? And How Come Leica Can Do What Canon and Nikon Haven't? - and more

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Ep. 14: Is Sony A Mount Dead? And How Come Leica Can Do What Canon and Nikon Haven't? - and more

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David Hobby of Strobist.com opens the show. Thank you so much David.

Did Sony UK basically confirm that Sony A-mount is dead? (#)

Leica fields a serious mirrorless body...so why can't Canon and Nikon? (#)

Elmer Fudd was a photographer before he took up shooting...with a rifle?!!! (#)

A customizable toolbar is coming to Photoshop CC...finally! (#)

ZY Optics announces the world's fastest 135mm lens at f/1.4...and it's pricey. (#)

Janet Jackson out-Dweezil's Dweezil and has an even more ridiculous stipulation. (#)

Do you have the patience to shoot at ISO 6? If so, this is the film stock for you. (#)

Elinchrom releases it's Skyport HS Transmitter with some pretty cool specs. (#)

Yet another photographer gets harassed in public for photographing children...except he didn't. (#)

The U.S. government gets set to require registration of drones. (#)

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