Episode: 160: You Like Phil Collins?

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Our latest episode, shot entirely on iPhone, as someone ripped off my camcorder. Sponsored, as usual, by Expression Graphix. Enjoy! Thanks so much to Schyler and all the gang at SWMF for a great event! Support WordPress Sponsors: ordering cialis bars, canadian viagra, buy viagra

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Bradley and Fraser look at the history of how iPads have been deployed. They also make an exciting announcement about the show for 2016. If you enjoy the show, please consider leaving a rating or a review on iTunes. You can also send feedback directly to us at outofschool.net. Do you have questions? You can contact Bradley and Fraser via Twitter: @bradleychambers and @fraserspeirs SponsorsJAMF SoftwareSquarespace Use offer code PUPIL for 10% off...
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