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EPISODE 177 - Originz Podcast
Mammoths and Climate Change @ 00:46 (Crossroads / Blazej Lindner) How I Survived Spanish Flu @ 8:37 (Last Sight / Alexye Nov) Gladys West @ 15:34 (Oak Grove @/ M .A. Ward) Amazons @ 23:50 (Aristotle / Technetium) Planet 9 @ 32:00 (Pachelbel Canon for Chamber / Steven Kreinberg) Passengers of the Mayflower @ 37:18 (Forest Mist / Acid42) Bespoke @ 50:12 (Stars / Blazej Lindner) Civil War Gold Hoax @ 56:04 (Midoriâ??s Apples / Jeremy Alan Hepp) The Queenâ??s Swans @ 1:05:57 (A Quiet Walk / Michael Mucklow)

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