Episode: Michael Pollan: Conscious Eating

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Michael Pollan: Conscious Eating

New York Times best-selling author and food expert Michael Pollan discusses our evolving relationship with food, what it means to eat with a fuller consciousness and how having a heightened awareness of the food that goes into our bodies can improve our physical and spiritual well-being. Michael says that food is an important link to other people, from those we dine with to those who produce what we eat. In light of that connection, Michael says mealtime is an opportunity to express what we believe in and learn about others' values as well. He says his awakening about the deeper meaning of food came about in the garden, a place he says has taught him many life lessons. Michael was named one of Newsweek magazine's Top 10 "New Thought Leaders" and Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World."

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