Episode: Iyanla Vanzant: The Four Essentials of Trust

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Iyanla Vanzant: The Four Essentials of Trust

In her third SuperSoul Conversation, best-selling author, spiritual life coach and TV host Iyanla Vanzant discusses one of life's most difficult lessons: learning to trust. Based on her book “Trust,” Iyanla explains the importance of mastering what she calls the four essential types of trust: Trust in Self, Trust in God, Trust in Others, and Trust in Life. She believes that without these four types of trust, we cannot flourish. Iyanla stresses the significance of building your trust muscles on a daily basis through spiritual practice. She believes restoring faith in ourselves is the only path toward letting go of anger and ultimately experiencing the contentment we all crave. Iyanla is the host and executive producer of OWN’s award-winning series “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” She is also a minister, a mother and the author of more than 15 books.

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