Episode: Dave Cote, UFO Hunting Mini-Satellites

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Dave Cote, UFO Hunting Mini-Satellites
Dave Cote is heading up a team of techies who are planning to launch a UFO hunting satellite into space. Their project is called “CubeSat for Disclosure – Low-Earth Orbit Satellite” and is seeking crowd funding via Indiegogo.com for financing. Thus far they have raised over $11,000 and there are still 24 days left in the campaign. Although their goal is $50,000, they already have enough to launch a small satellite with cameras. We talk to Dave, a software engineer and project manager, about how he got interested in UFOs, and how the satellite project came to be. We also talk about the publicity he has received since the launch of the crowd sourcing campaign. For more about Dave and CubeSat for Disclosure, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cubesat-for-disclosure-low-earth-orbit-satellite#/story

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