Episode: 306 – A Good Husband Isn’t So Hard to Find

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306 – A Good Husband Isn’t So Hard to Find


Husbands get a bum rap in media, books, movies, tv--out of touch, unfeeling, sexed up, jerks. And yet your husband your husband is a good husband.

You may look at yourself and even say that you are a good husband and one that doesn't even compare to how the media portrays you.

Your're a husband who does dishes, change diapers, makes dinner and much more. A Husband who rubs your wife's feet, starts a bath plus you join in and sends love letters to your wife throughout the year.

Is every husband like this? No. But every husband has the potential. It’s a matter of unlocking this in your marriage and both a husband and a wife can do this.

When this happens a husband understands his role as the rock for his wife, children and for those around.

In this week's show Tony and Alisa talk about the importance of acknowledging and giving praise to your husband because a good husband isn’t so hard to find.

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