Episode: 305 – Twice in One Day (Making Love That Is)

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305 – Twice in One Day (Making Love That Is)

Making love to your spouse is one of the most intimate times you two have together. It's a time when everything else falls away while you bask in each others arms.

Now when you make love twice in one day that double the pleasure...

Well is it?

It sure is because it changes things up in your marriage and your sexual intimacy. This brings on a new and fresh perspective that you may have not seen.

When you are making love multiple times in a day sexual intimacy becomes a priority as it puts the focus back on the two of you.

You learn that sex can be quick and playful or lingering and romantic, there’s place for both in your marriage (you get to decide which one you want to do).

Variety is good for both of you which can be a plus for new adventures down the road.

In this week's show Tony and Alisa talk about the importance of stepping outside your sexual comfort zone as we share about making love twice in one day.

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