Episode: Mining Your Voice for Hidden Feelings and Company Profits

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Mining Your Voice for Hidden Feelings and Company Profits

There is a perfect tone of voice according to Dan Emodi. And he believes his technology can pinpoint it for you. 

This is the second of two episodes about technology that dissects our voices, pulls them apart, and analyzes them digitally to understand our emotions.

Hear how Emodi's company, called Beyond Verbal, is applying 20 years of "emotion analytics" to help us understand ourselves better. These products claim to be able to determine true emotions just from listening to you speak for 20 seconds. It could also determine if a salesperson is using the "perfect sales intonation" or if a given customer calling up is 'exasperated and furious' or 'exasperated and ready to listen'.

Market research and call centers may be the early testing ground of emotion detection software, but the applications could end up working as a wellness tool or even a dating aide (humorously demonstrated in this video). 


Listen to part 1 on tech and the human voice: mental health and medical research

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