Episode: MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, a Campaign of Viral Empathy with Brooke and Jen [Ep 014]

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MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, a Campaign of Viral Empathy with Brooke and Jen [Ep 014]

Happy Monday mamas! Today, I get to talk to the founders of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, Brooke Christian and Jen Schwartz! We chat about their game-changing campaign of sharing empathy in motherhood. Brooke and Jen also share their postpartum depression stories and the struggles they’ve faced. No one has to struggle alone and their another mom out there that can totally relate!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • How Brooke and Jen met and created the MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD community.
  • How the mothers they’ve connected with can find hope in empathizing with one another.
  • The power of being real and raw about motherhood.
  • How to allow ourselves to just be in the hard places of our lives.
  • We talk about how the expectation in our generation of motherhood is unrealistic.
  • Brooke and Jen share their postpartum depression stories.
  • What we need more of when it comes to educating our mothers about postpartum care.
  • Creating an online safe place for mothers.


In 2015, postpartum depression left Brooke searching for an identity beyond parenting and partnering. Like many, she felt a sexier self-was underneath her other roles but no one was helping her, nor her peers, access it. Brooke decided to give moms just like her what they secretly craved: honest, open conversation about the struggles of staying sexy amid the craziness of a busy life. Brooke connects with women quickly and potently. Why? Because she’s just like them: a frazzled mom, a busy wife, a woman who struggles with her post-baby body daily. Her blog, social media posts and speaking engagements produce an inspiring chorus of “Me toos!” from women across the country who are desperate to be heard, understood and most of all, lifted up. Having formerly run marketing & promotions at top women’s magazines like InStyle, Real Simple, Harper’s Bazaar, and O, The Oprah Magazine, Brooke leverages her former role as a fashion and beauty influencer to not only change women’s sex lives but to change women themselves. Oh yeah, and she’s addicted to vibrators.



Jen Schwartz, expert postpartum depression survivor and real, bad-ass mom is the co-founder of the MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD – Empathy Gone Viral Platform and the creator of the blog, The Medicated Mommy. With her partner, Brooke Christian, she is on a mission to empower moms everywhere to accept themselves as they are, let go of the “shoulds” and share the uglier side of motherhood so other moms can feel less alone. She’s revolutionizing the conversation about the mom experience by coming from a place of much-needed empathy, authenticity, and sisterhood and asking every mom out there to join her. Jen is a published author, influencer at the women’s online platform, Mogul and contributor at HuffPost, The Mighty, Thrive Global and Motherlucker. Her writing and commentary have been featured all over the mommy blogosphere at top websites such as PopSugar Moms, Scary Mommy, CafeMom, Mamalode and more. Jen is a New Yorker living in Charlotte, NC with her husband, four-year-old son, and dog, Harry Potter.


Powerful Quotes

  • “It’s because we pull the curtain back on what motherhood really looks like.” - Brooke Christian
  • “Moms are craving honesty.” - Brooke Christian
  • “Women are not good at giving themselves permission to do things.” - Jen Schwartz
  • “I thought that I was going to not only birth my baby but birth this magical Pinterest mom with it.” - Jen Schwartz
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Let Your Heart Out with Stefani (formerly Not the Typical Mom Show)
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