Episode: 10-08 NORML News PodCast - Oct 8, 2010

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10-08 NORML News PodCast - Oct 8, 2010
California's Proposition 19 More Popular Than Leading Senate, Gubernatorial Candidates; California: Marijuana Possession No Longer A Criminal Offense Under State Law; Study: Regulating Cannabis Sales Would Yield Over $17 Billion In Annual Savings And Revenue; Colorado: Bureaucrats Propose Regulations For Tracking Medical Marijuana Purchases.

NORML Weekly News Podcast
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California: Prop. 19 Defeated, Local Marijuana Tax Measures Approved, Harris Declares Victory In Attorney General Race; Medical Marijuana Measures Defeated in Oregon, South Dakota; Arizona Initiative Too Close To Call; Massachusetts: Municipal Voters Back Marijuana Reform Questions.

NORML Weekly News Podcast > 10-15 NORML News PodCast - Oct 15, 2010

RAND Study: Legalizing Marijuana In California Would "Effectively Eliminate" Cartels Involvement In State's Pot Trade; New Jersey: Patient Groups Castigate Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations.

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Marijuana May Offset Alcohol-Induced Cognitive Impairment Among Teens; Massachusetts Voters To Decide Non-Binding Marijuana Proposals; NORML Issues State-By-State DUI Cannabis Report.
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