Episode: Brain Death in the News Again — Neuroethicist James L. Bernat, MD, Responds

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Brain Death in the News Again — Neuroethicist James L. Bernat, MD, Responds
The concept of death by neurologic criteria — the irreversible loss of the clinical function of the whole brain, commonly known as brain death — was at the center of a very public ethical debate after two tragic stories-turned-legal-battles took the media by storm in January. In this podcast interview, James L. Bernat, MD, professor of neurology and medicine, and Louis and Ruth Frank professor of neuroscience at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine, talks to Neurology Today about what these two cases may mean for public understanding of death by neurologic criteria, and how to talk to families and the public in such difficult situations.

Neurology Today - Neurology Today Podcast
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