Episode: 7 Steps Marketing Ideas for Realtors

7 Steps Marketing Ideas for Realtors

In this edition, I will be enumerating 7 key things/ideas to identify in running a profitable and sustainable marketing campaign for a real estate agent or realtor.

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QUESTION - “Can you please share how to run a profitable but more importantly sustainable marketing campaign for my real estate agency business? My broker has offered me leads that I can cold call over and over but I think I hate calling strangers.”

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Ola "Tux" Abitogun is the Creator of myEmpirePRO. He became a FULL TIME entrepreneur in October 2006.

He is a computer engineer and an engineering management graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology; (NJIT) class of 2004/5. He was born in Dallas Texas and raised in Nigeria by his Nigerian parents. He considers himself a proud Nigerian American.

Today, he is a marketing addict, trainer, marketing and business consultant, real estate investor and all around serial entrepreneur. Most importantly, he is husband and father to their 2 Boys. The professional work he is mostly proud of is personally helping 1,000+ entrepreneurs around the world reach greater heights in their careers.

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