Episode: 68A-Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery

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68A-Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery

Sorceress. Confidant. Traitor. Sister.

All of those words describe Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister. She is by far the most complex character I've come across in the Arthurian legends, but she's constantly portrayed in the medieval and early modern texts as a one-note traitorous baddy who is evil because she's an evil sorceress and evil sorceresses are evil. If you're familiar with the legends, you're going to see a Morgan you've never seen before. If you're not, get ready to meet one of the most interesting, tragic figures you'll come across.


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“Malachite” by Andy G. Cohen   “Watching from Red Hill” by Artofescapism   “Disinter” by Blue Dot Sessions   “The Face of the Thrush” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Take Me Higher” by Jahzzar   “Snowmen” by Kai Engel   “Even when we fall” by Philipp Weigl   “The Scent of Cedars” by Philipp Weigl   “60s Quiz Show” by Podington Bear   “Fits” by Podington Bear   “Pop Brasilia” by Podington Bear   “Seventh Hill” by Podington Bear   “Starday” by Podington Bear   “Toboggan (Smooth Run)” by Podington Bear   “Trader Ho Hey” by Podington Bear

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