Episode: 153-Odysseus: The Angry One

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153-Odysseus: The Angry One

A boy is born, fated to be one who brings strife. Two sons seek to outrun a family curse. A wife is spared the grisly fates of her husband and son...only if she will marry the one who committed the atrocities. A daughter is saved from certain death...by judgy ducks. These are the stories of the names that would go down in legend: Odysseus, Agamemnon, Menelaus, Clytemnestra, and Penelope, and their lives before the event that would make them all famous: the Trojan War.

The creature this week is a dragon who is living his best life in Ireland.



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"Lakkalia" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Last Lights" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Hedgeliner" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Children by the Creek" by Chad Crouch

"Barefoot" by Chad Crouch

"Song Sparrow Serenade" by Chad Crouch

"Headwaters" by Chad Crouch

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