Episode: 133-Filipino folklore: Monkey Business

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133-Filipino folklore: Monkey Business

This week, it's a fable from the Philippines with a monkey, a turtle, and Game of Thrones level violence and retribution when something is stolen (don't worry, though. We don't get graphic with it).

The creature of the week is (yet another) reason why you want to kiss that dragon on the mouth. I don't make the rules, I am just confused and bewildered by them.



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"Cicle Valga" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Cottonwoods" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Dawn Line Approaching" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Over the Fence" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Sino de Cobre" by Blue Dot Sessions

"SuzyB" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Thannoid" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tralaga" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Wahre" by Blue Dot Sessions

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