Episode: 132B-Trojan War: Some Foolish Thing

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132B-Trojan War: Some Foolish Thing

This is the episode. This is the episode where Helen of Sparta becomes Helen of Troy, and an event happens that launches 1000 ships toward the city in the east. This is where it all begins.

The creature of the week has a dorky smile and a retainer and will absolutely eat you.



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"Twilight Grandeur" by Podington Bear

"Thumbscrew" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Palms Down" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Dawns" by Ketsa

"CGI Snake" by Chris Zabriskie

"Aloscape I" by Blue Dot Sessions


That ice cream thing: https://store.benjerry.com/ben-jerrys-pint-lock/(The site I found it on said it was $36, but it's actually way cheaper. My bad.)

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