Episode: 119-Sleeping Beauty: Rude Awakening

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119-Sleeping Beauty: Rude Awakening

It's the first written version of Sleeping Beauty, put down to paper in the 1600s by the Neapolitan writer Giambattista Basile. And it's horrifying.


The creature is elephant rat. It's an elephant whose also a rat sometimes. No big deal. Now move along and let him murder in peace.





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"Running on Empty" by Podington Bear

"Sylvestor" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Midday" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Black Cosmos Ring" by Podington Bear

"The Nightmare" by Podington Bear

"Studie I" by Jahzzar

"Betrayal" by Lee Rosevere

"Support Me in This Moment That I'm About to Lose Hope" by Nihilore

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