Episode: The Disappearance of Carl-Erik Bjorkegren

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The Disappearance of Carl-Erik Bjorkegren
During the 1980's, the stock market as we know it today was born. In Sweden it was a major shift where buying and selling stocks became something for everybody and Sweden was pioneering the digital trading. That together with a few political changes and the success of Volvo and SAAB in the US giving them huge profits to Invest resulted in a booming market where people could make huge sums of money in a very short time span. Banks were still, by law, forced to be responsible and make sure that each loan was secure but financial institutes were not subjected to the same laws and that made it possible for people to take huge loans without any security. This episode is about the most successful and famous player in that market, before he disappeared without a trace, Carl-Erik Björkegren.

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