Episode: The Death of Rebekah Gould

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The Death of Rebekah Gould
Rebekah’s case has been handled by the Arkansas State Police (ASP) almost from day one. Even though she was killed more than 15 years ago, the ASP refuses to make public any of the investigative records, notes, or photographs associated with her case under the pretext that it is still an active case. Rebekah’s family has petitioned for those files to be released, with no success. So what's really happening with this case?

For further information please follow the links below.


My FB group: Unsolved Murder of Rebekah Gould

Kim's FB group: Who Murdered Rebekah Gould?

Twitter - @JenBucholtzPI

Confidential Email for anything regarding the case. - tips@justice4rebekah.com

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