Episode: Ep 8 | Judgement

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Ep 8 | Judgement

More than two years after Michael Francke's murder, a small time drug dealer named Frank Gable would be tried for the crime. The basis for the case and the outcome of the trial would shock and outrage many- including Kevin Francke.

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A sworn statement, unearthed in 2004, presents some very damning information involving one of Michael Francke's former co-workers. It also could have greatly aided in the defense of Frank Gable, were it presented during his trial. That document, along with others, sparks renewed interest in the Francke murder and once again places Phil at odds with his former employer...

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Episode 084 - 3/13/2018 // ‘Hawaii Five-O’ LP Promo // Diamonds - The Ventures // Having An Average Weekend - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet // Round & Down - The Bats // Someone Else’s Eyes - Sneaky Feelings // I Feel It In My Heart - Talking Heads // The Way (You Touch My Hand) - The Revelons // Fairytale In The Supermarket - The Raincoats // FM - The Slits // Safety In Crosswords - Look Blue Go Purple // Thumbs Off - The Clean // Stage Dub (bed music) - Riley All Stars with King Tubby // Sunshine Dub - Prince Douglas // Playing It Cool Dub - Keith Hudson // Magic In The Air - Wayne Jarrett // Money Money - Horace Andy // Rock A Tone Dub - Errol Brown // Cold Sweat (bed music) - Errol Brown // ‘Wedding Album’ LP Promo // Listen, The Snow Is Falling - Yoko Ono & John Lennon // Sung from the Gutters - Tortoise // Shinzo No Tobira - Mariah // These Falling Arms - The Sea & Cake // Crying Shame - Jennifer Castle // Hello From The Edge of the Earth - Mary Lattimore // Time to Time - Mike Cooper // Yekifir Engurguro (bed music) - Haliu Mergia // Lindoneia - Nara Leao // Viagem Ao Fundo de Mim - Rita Lee // Su Forma de Besar - Les Surfs // Mi Confesión - Roberto Jordan // Surprise Surprise - The Rolling Stones // Lucy Leave - Pink Floyd // Countess from Hong Kong - The Velvet Underground
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