Episode: Pauper to the People – Episode 159 – Penultimate

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Pauper to the People – Episode 159 – Penultimate


Last but one in a series of things.

The Meta Game

Pauper Classic Tuesdays June 10th, 2014


Standard Pauper June 9th, 2014



Edited by Chris Plummer, playingforcheaps.com
Show’s E-Mail: paupertothepeople@gmail.com
Twitter: @cmplummer, @nathanyounkin, @fanofhistory, @brankinlolz
MTGO Accounts: Chris: GrayCatRecords, Nate: nyukon, Peter: midnight03,
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Pauper to the People is a podcast focused on the Pauper format. We cover Magic: the Gathering News, community issues, and decks, all with a focus on cards at the Common rarity.

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Pauper to the People – MTGCast
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