Episode: Pauper to the People – Episode 158 – The Countdown Begins

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Pauper to the People – Episode 158 – The Countdown Begins

Good Reads

Conspiracy Talk


Playing on a budget: Nivix Cyclops (V3)



Topic 1

Brew of the Month Update

The Meta Game

Pauper Classic Tuesday- May 20th, 2014 Tron dominates!


Pauper Classic Tuesdays- May 27th, 2014 Delver is back!


Pauper Classic Tuesday- June 3rd, 2014


Standard Pauper- June 2nd 2014 White Weenie returns!



Pauper to the People is a podcast focused on the Pauper format. We cover Magic: the Gathering News, community issues, and decks, all with a focus on cards at the Common rarity.

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Pauper to the People – MTGCast
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