Episode: Pauper to the People – Episode 150 – The End

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Pauper to the People – Episode 150 – The End


So, this is it.  The end.  The finale.  Two hours of us saying “goodbye” to y’all (to quote Brennon) in the only way we know how.  It’s been a wild, crazy time, and we’ve all enjoyed it immensely.  Thanks for listening, taking the time to interact with us, and being an awesome community.  We’ll catch you all later.  This was Pauper to the People.


This episode contains adult language, un-“bleeped”.  Fair warning.


In case you want to get in contact with some of us (and you really should):


Chris Plummer – @cmplummer

Tuna – @matuna

Nate – @nathanyounkin

Peter – @polmsch

Mike – @mikeyk150

Chris Weaver – @cweaver8518

Brennon – @brankinlolz

Dan – @danhorning

Matti – @yugular


Chris and Tuna’s new show: playingforcheaps.com

Nate and Mike’s new show: http://mtgcast.com/author/cmndrshq

Dan’s show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuIXoVRYAX2KyMBtqq7JGxQ

Brennon’s article series: http://magicgatheringstrat.com/author/brennon/


Pauper to the People is a podcast focused on the Pauper format. We cover Magic: the Gathering News, community issues, and decks, all with a focus on cards at the Common rarity.

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Pauper to the People – MTGCast
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