Episode: Blue Visions and Seaweed Rebels

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Blue Visions and Seaweed Rebels
We’ll explore the state of the ocean and look beyond the cascading ecological disasters that are altering it including industrial overfishing, pollution, coastal sprawl and climate change. David Helvarg will address the urgent need and opportunity for change. He will talk about the Seaweed Rebellion, a marine grassroots initiative by coastal and ocean activists including surfers, sailors, scientists, environmentalists, maritime workers, coastal communities and many others. He’ll address the possibilities for restoring healthy seas from his ‘50 Ways to Save the Ocean’ book that outlines what any citizen can do. David is working with President Obama’s Ocean Task Force to bring an “ecosystem based approach” to government policy on America’s great blue frontier. Ocean Champions’ Dave Wilmot will give insights from his work with national decision-makers

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