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episode 1: beginners luck
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00:00:01 JK’s HAPPY HOUR THEME SONG Artist: NOFX Album: They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live! 2007 Fat Wreck Chords 00:00:22 “AT THE BAR” WITH DARRELL "COAT TAILS" TAYLOR - Darrell FINALLY gets on an airplane for SDCC2016 - Darrell describes his first SDCC experience - Darrell goes on food tangent (tacos, pizza in a jar, spaghetti and meatballs...

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This is it! The climax! The finale! The omega! The terminus! The coup de grace! The swan song! The denouement! The last part of our 3-part Beginner's Guide! This week we focus on the last great fundamental of Hearthstone strategy: predicting the unpredictable.There's a lot of unknown information in Hearthstone, from what your opponent has in his hand to where a Mad Bomber is going to lob his creations of chaos, but there are ways to analyze and control this information so that it works for rather than against you...

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When air conditioning was invented in 1902, it was designed to take out the humidity in the air so printers could run four color magazines, without the colors becoming offset due to the paper warping from moisture. A young engineer named Willis Carrier developed a system that pumps air over metal coils cooled with ammonia to pull moisture from the air, but it had a side effect -- it also made the air cooler...
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