Episode: EP: 61 | We're Going Live - Business Breakdown

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EP: 61 | We're Going Live - Business Breakdown

On this episode of Million Dollar Life Lessons, Prince Donnell goes live on social media to bring in random avid listeners to ask questions and break down some businesses in real time. Take out a pen and paper because this episode is filled with gems from beginning to the end! Don't forget to download the Jumping Jack Tax App today!

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In this episode I am going to talk about the 4 REALISTIC STEPS to making money online in the age of social media where you are fighting for attention. These steps will quickly separate you from the rest of the packAre you interested in opening a business but don't know where to start? My company Jumping Jack Tax allows people like you to own a tax office and make an extra $30,000 or more every season through our proven systemCLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE: https://www...

Million Dollar Life Lessons > EP: 60 | THE MAN CAVE PT #2

Prince Donnell and his co-host Ron Vann Dam sit down in the MAN CAVE for part two of this exciting series. Please share, comment, subscribe to this podcast and give us feedback to continue to push out great content!

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Prince Donnell tells the story of how he found out all of the information and products necessary to create his own podcast studio in a matter of two daysThe point is not about the podcast studio. It's about TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY when you have an idea to do something. Don't wait until tomorrow, START NOW!
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