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The Sixth Sense (1999) Podcast

The Sixth Sense Movie Summary

On the night Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a well-respected child psychologist in Philadelphia, is honored for his years of work, Vincent Grey, an old patient of his, breaks into Malcolm’s home, to accuse Malcolm of failing to cure him of all his problems when he was a child. Blaming his years of torment on Malcolm, Vincent shoots Malcolm in front of his wife, Anna, who stands there helpless. Vincent then turns the gun on himself, and he falls to the ground — dead.

We fast forward to the next fall, where we meet a little boy, nine-year-old Cole Sear, who exhibits the same symptoms that ailed Vincent as a boy. Malcolm commits to saving Cole so he won’t end up like Vincent, but it comes at the expense of his personal life. Since the shooting, his wife has paid no attention to him, and he feels shut out. He finds he is even shut out from rooms in his own house such as his basement office which Anna keeps locked.

Malcolm sees Cole’s torment, but Cole won’t open up and share his secret with Malcolm. Eventually, Cole does come to trust Malcolm, and tells him that he sees dead people every day of his life, but they don’t know they are dead, and that they only see what they want to see.

Malcolm thinks Cole is going to need more help than he can give him, and contemplates having the boy institutionalized, but later that night, as Malcolm goes through old recordings of sessions he had with a young Vincent, he hears something he has never heard before. Turning up the recording, all the way to ten, Malcolm hears a man sobbing, and asking Vincent for help in Spanish. Knowing that Vincent is alone at that point, Malcolm believes that Vincent could see dead people too, and that man on the recording is a ghost wanting help from Vincent. This leads him to believe that Cole is actually telling him the truth …

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