Episode: Everything Begins With Faith

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Everything Begins With Faith

In the Lucado house the game was called “Ladies and Gentlemen.” Participants were three pre-school-age daughters and one very happy-to-ham-it-up father—who was the chief ringmaster. “Ladies and Gentleman,” I would announce to the audience of one—Denalyn, who was wondering why we needed to do acrobatics before bedtime. “The Lucado girls will now fly through the air!” They loved it. Never once did they question my judgment or strength. Their mom did. A pediatrician would have. But never in the cycle of a thousand flips and flops did my daughters say to me, “Have you thought this through, Dad?” “I’m not sure you can catch me.” They trusted me completely. After all, I was their father.

Oh that we would trust ours. Jesus once declared, “The work God wants you to do is this…believe the One he sent!” Everything begins with faith!

From Glory Days

Daily Devotionals – Max Lucado
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