Episode: Episode 147: Endings Need to Make a Comeback

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Episode 147: Endings Need to Make a Comeback
A couple of things to keep in mind before consuming our latest episode: 1) This is not our last episode! JP just had a shower thought about how nothing ends these days, it's not a cheap ploy to trick you all into thinking this is our last episode. We're far from done here. 2) This was recorded before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO, and the disease is commented on a bit lightly at the beginning. This is our way of informing that Matt does not, in fact, have COVID-19.  There used to be a time when movies, books, and even some TV shows came to an end. The story would conclude, audiences learned lessons, and we all moved on with our lives. This still happens, of course, if you watch A24 films and HBO mini-series'. But the big leagues? No sir. The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be designed to continue churning out stories until the heat death of the universe. Kathleen Kennedy at LucasFilm literally said that Star Wars was going to be around forever. And comics? Oh boy, I hope you're not new here... So in this episode JP and Father Chuck talk about the value of endings, and how stories and properties and franchises that continue into perpetuity can affect society.

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