Episode: Oprah 2: Skinheads And Scented Candles

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Oprah 2: Skinheads And Scented Candles

In the second episode of Making Oprah, we explore how The Oprah Winfrey Show elevated itself out of the heap of trash TV and into a show that intentionally embraced spirituality and positivity. 

The early years of Oprah’s show often relied on sensational, tabloidy topics – cheating husbands, sexy clothes, and murderers. It was not yet the ‘Live Your Best Life’ Oprah we would come to know and love. 

 “It was during those shows where I just thought, ‘What are we doing?’ ” Oprah tells WBEZ’s Jenn White. “This is a platform that is speaking to people, and what are we saying?” 

 As the Oprah Winfrey Show reached maturity -- or at least, its college years -- the program conducted the on-air experiments that would allow this talk show to become something more than a talk show

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
making no bread is supported by coddled with it on next election of audio books across a polish honor as including bios in memoirs inspirational to history thrillers bestsellers and more start listening today with a thirty day trial and your first book is free is it possible dot com slash making no broad support for making oprah comes from everything but the house edi th has taken the stress out of down sizing by streamline the process and bringing it all on line two of global marketplace request of free consultation today and learn how you can be another happy b t h seller at making cobra that he'd be th that calm making up for it is supported by hello fresh emil to delivery service that makes cooking find easy and convenient each week hello fresh creates new delicious recipes that step by step instructions designed for everyone from novices to season tom cooks learn more and hello fresh dot com and enter the code making oprah this is making or at the so too could it what disclaimer here and there are some words in this broadcast that may not be suitable for young ears so if you're listening with children please be warned and and alone one quarter you'd on red hound w. b. z. you're now joining me home when won't work what about black good morning how are you i don't wanna say like that that this is dead against and white now i did it he thanks again for for carvel a more time for us we appreciate all you're welcome the theater no our neighborhood warmth i'm one hundred miles to go and get on the net an airtight alibi of the man in a beginning god created man in europe without cold war it appears on the faces these i sigh is to let the guys that are raised on the red stopper that and focus on some details that we didn't get into an earth previous conversation selves let's get some things from w. b. z. chicago i didn't like and this isn't taking to the ballpark get it hath this is hard to barbed body asked about the over winfrey show on the thirtieth anniversary of the show's national review and the demolition of the shelves home harpo studios here in chicago if you like to hear shoulder pads and even stevie beings we should really go back to us in the purple and in that episode what we're going to chicago with national can quickly be thrown her friendly daytime rival phil donahue we talk him too soon after the oprah winfrey show began over gained millions of loyal viewers with your honest comparable hosting staff but throughout the late eighties and early nineties the show heavily relied on sensational court have waiting topics cheating husbands races and murderers omani this was the get go live your best life over that we all know and that's what the second episode is about how the oprah winfrey show elevated itself not at the feet of trash tv to show that intentionally increased spirituality and positive the how the oprah stage when from having too many skinheads to too many scented candles and hope to sell sit back with your best wine and listen to a public radio i'm asked about the time to leave it at one see when i got the job i was just happy to be on television and to be a host and so i thought i was going to be on television i go visit schools because it will you that lady who be on tv gaby on tv you're making a hundred thousand dollars i making twenty fifty thousand dollars you're moving on up i'd gone to marshal fuels and i've hired a decorator should very excited and come home department in march would be olds and it's been warning bell of dollars on length ireland and england journal of like all my god i am made it so all you just don't buy the mid eighties oprah has her own something talk show she's a national celebrity she has an oscar nomination she's making serious money and she's moved into a lake front condo on michigan avenue it and we're old hen house with a panoramic view of the chicago skyline by all accounts she's made at but then there were some specific episodes in moments in the oprah winfrey shows up early years and we all corby think what it meant to be the face of this head shall they were episodes were called rider staff succeeded stumbled and failed and most the bottle moments ago the show's foundation for decades it was during those shows where does not what're we doing this is a platform that speaking to people and what are we saying the first episode we're going to look at was oprah's first show filmed outside chicago an attack on something to how to fly i'm going for it and we watched with the west the world windows stories generated from this county we watch this thousands of people in this town walked into our dues for brotherhood and heard the chance of nigger go home and so we decided the oprah winfrey show to come here and talk with the people of this county and ourselves why nineteen twelve and forsyth county georgia edgar was a case of attempted breed get the case of rape murder good you burned white women a group of black men were blamed for the attacks of going to mob attacked and killed one of the accused had two black teenagers were hanged in public executions then it groups of white men calling themselves the night writers to terrorize the black community forcing hundreds of african americans and out of foresight county it's been called the largest case of black expulsion in american history and forsyth county remained an all white into the eighties and any help cochran how high the nineteen eighty seven times with the first annual celebration of martin luther king junior day civil rights marches jail which the whiteness of course i don't need that you the intimidation of the u. ever to irritants in the community to go into the largest civil rights protested the u. s. as nineteen seventy the demonstrations encounter demonstrations turned forsyth county and would you hear the story hop who the ober winfrey show when county georgia just bide months after the national debut by it was as it always double moved and it would have been producers idea of what daytime television could do but the decision of the we shall win such a tense situation was partly to do with that high and it was february and that you're emad sweets it was when the number of viewers were measured in ad rates were sad it's a daytime talk but clamor for attention and get particularly sensational to the forsyth county episode was born out of both the real desire to tackle a serious issue and the real need for my c. television in hot weather beforehand in order to secure location executive producer debbie to mail and i went to my hotel room in the fall during the reason many sad this is the klan we're going to leave click sell all high and put the furniture up against the door the hotel room and just preceded we had a shot at it i really care so no fear no i do not guilty we are operating in quite the ball ball there was no fear i mean it over with trades on a daily basis thoroughly television's lover fear and we went to mr they're only two emotions love and fear this phrase is one of a handful of montrose that we've heard several times from both oprah and her staff in making this year it's been here more than the rocket shell these ideas were deeply imbedded in oprah's world view ando perhaps come on to the producers and pull them into the shells culture anyway back to georgia such a phrase in forsyth county an being flying in a little beard jet and being told i should get out of town before dark and taking them very seriously who told you that i know that it that the billboard wise you don't want to be in this town after dark concern of people who are upset about you coming so that i wasn't in my ellis isn't people to you they are believed how hyacinth that they are people in this county obviously lot afraid of black people what is it you iafrate black people are going to do really that's what i'd like to know that i'm afraid above the kind of start getting caught in here's a moment where you are speaking to a gentleman the audience now and he's attempting to explain to you the difference between a black person and nigger that's the one yeah i was genuinely at the time interested in knowing what makes a person and a pink dominating the input how does your mind worked even tie up likewise acts they have mixed what's the difference we have diapers and a behof doctor black people by the borg at that have come up here by games played by the hair causing trouble that's a black person a menace to come up to god to oglala can't attest and here you have largely hostile audience candidly and on apologetically expressing deeply reese's be used on camera to a black coast the audience disney didn't seem to see ober as obliged mom and even when she reminds them that she as she's just a hoax in control incompetently moving through the all white audience like inherent on as long you been here less than two years and glowing in a nice big things lived in that room lest they let her speak thank you like the senate had and how executive producer defeat in the abdomen to startle inexperience to be there with her with that audience with startling enough but then you walk outside and to be faced with what fluid fifty or sixty journalists news crews cameras flashing in a world wide had aren't any wise turning point for what we knew we were able to do it and to expel us and so it was almost like a recognition of the new found power and that we had to hold out a new found power in our hands through gently and really really think about it oprah winfrey show we turn to chicago the rest of the week featured women who kjell religious fundamentalists drag queens and sexy clothes but the forsyth county episode was a big deal the l. a. times gushed that forsyth county was called the great tv and greed oprah chicago sun times critic robert feeder broke called all preserve that i'll were a sensational television about an explosive issue are generating towns of publicity i actually for a long time flock to that to the process of conversation in by coup to break down barriers clothed racism or homophobia our ideas that people had to that were you know discriminatory toward other people and it was the rabbit for a moment with the skinheads actually on the shelf that i realized the power of the platform up february sweeps period from nineteen eighty eighth hole for versus skinheads my guest today call themselves the skinheads they say their heads are ashamed for backup and i must say the white race from communist pope it was like hillary to isn't he waited in with the oprah winfrey show was able to expose the skinheads episode was racked up as a definite half hen house that is it you just said i don't sit with monkeys you think because she's black because i'm black we're we're we're monkeys at the proven fact who in fact how thick the broken that adam and eve good good at it like i say elegance my mind is now i've got about as much is that a hand up and have had if no one even feel like they have everybody's limits on the island time no one is that an of the cause of marc watts it now and c. n. hound i did a great ability i get phones to you a commercial break advice all of them seem believe each other with their opinions making signs in da da da make anything when will i think i'm doing one thing i think i'm exposing them i think i'm showing them in their victory all in their dark side in trying to get to them to see a different point of view and they are using me how did that feel it was a huge revelation like gullo i think i'm doing good here and i'm not this spinner g. is going out into the world and i come along who is responsible for that operas agenda for the show was hijacked ship lost control and she walked on stage determined that it would never happen again i want to produce years after that show and said this is it for me i will not used by any body again for prison in darkness in the world how what a pandora's box of daytime trash tv was wide open and other new hopes for perfectly willing to aged have had firsthand how death estimates they are truly he fail they are self described race it's white supremacy so following the success of your show we see this enormous back to other talk shows in the nineties how do you think the oprah winfrey show influence the creation of the oceans well but get journals through this entire no evolving of the oprah show so actually have dared journal there ran across recently powell my wounds fueling the pressure of homeworld over an sarah was that all of that i had a message to be that writing by his help hauling ignorance or should we have anger guarding the i i pulled out what should we be anger in the november sweeps period of nineteen eighty eight the year old rolled over to your film the couple who had done this in fact except this time they had the skinheads onstage with anti racist act of and i talked to heh heh heh heh to mount that seems like certain students two years and for dessert whom the gas in the hopes and huh and afterwards to bring who've returned to do to see him i had a flight of the worst of the wear and i were bad idea skinheads of them would a racist skinheads and big a readings of the whole world ober says skinheads episode went through the roof the beginning i thought wow that's good news really affect our viewership after her world though there were literally hundreds of other shows if you've watched any television on you know it's nothing if not a medium of imitation to think about the number of sitcoms about four white friends trying to make it in the big city or household with the gruff but lovable dad and back then often was doing really well soaked t. v. executives were eager to break the code for success i could see the we're trying to figure it out so couple times there were african american women in a couple times are african american women who were overweight and no they were sitting around him now understand how corporate america works another like well as the fact that she's baptism the fact that she's black isn't the fact of the hairs of why it would even as paths for the late eighties and early nineties tv that fell one thing to get the money that was really knew who tens of millions of the reviewers are seldom cluster jam of the time of his behalf family jesse raphael was expanded from half hour to announce what they hope of a revealing what it wants to be and if when the joe if of but i was to start a boar evil that what am i worked during spring when leonardo hollywood with that velocity waited nearly nineties whiff what the aggressor internally to you match that told you stay competitive now i've so we can pay attention ellen right in with the founding producer of the upper winfrey show i don't think i've ever seen a full power at any other sharks out there was on the air during the time we're on an industry filled with imitators the oprah winfrey show made a very deliberate decision to ignore their competitors the victim is taking over two hundred talk shows it came and went during the period of the hope fracture was i didn't think of television's episodic the show's out which is allied to the jail will i'm getting like the listings see what causes of the shows are doing and saying all my passion when say they're doing this we should do this resistance is actually just dinner thing that the oprah winfrey show ignore but officials were doing a short answer blinders i learned the greatest lesson of any competitor or anybody who's in business and pass them on to the rest of my staff that is you get only one your own race we can only brian your own breaks which remember when we took to about how oprah pass these big ideas on to her staff is another one run your own race stan you're lying most every producer we talked you said some variation on that boat bromley said it's a horse race to look what everyone else is doing really were in a horse trailer your horse in a race of you run your own look straight ahead because those two turandot see what the other forces are doing usually fall i'm lazy don't look back need to look the other horses you just run your review do you let them do that we'd us the us attorney for is a famous say that you do you later on the ababa but i was very clear when i started i get clear we're as i continue but i was very clear that the purpose of the show was to be a light in the world and that the mission statement we here to uplift enlightening encouraging entertained at that had to be real wasn't until nineteen eighty nine that clarified that to the point where you cannot bring a show that does not fit the mission what happened in nineteen eighty nine i hear you ask the show produce an episode that intentionally or not you ran away at underlying be good whiskey spiritual awakening for a meeting by nineteen eighty nine episode in question was caught something like husbands who cheat on their wives and their wives and you know and the booking crew meaning like kudos going to a fantastic they got the wife and husband and the girlfriend to come on all that did the same time that we're talking about affairs on that shall i say has been the question camera to question was and he said oh my girlfriend's pregnant right now we're just to be clear and they've got hot spent and the whys and the husband's girlfriend onstage husband announces his girlfriend is pregnant with the white had no idea who it is the producer alan racking up during her people watching the about husband for intelligent but we got awful he was an awful bill to what his wife's face to tuesday you to these the i'll never forget who owned by what happened to that woman that status if that will not happen to me again i'll never be put in a decision again or i caused that kind of humiliation and i cannot harm you to another human being i package will do it even if i have to do it i'll get out of this business and not come in i started thinking okay globally to okay and he going to peel are to be really did back and he didn't that as our living in other things and and so when i started saying to you not just management but king world and to the affiliates and imitate the high road there like well you can take the high road we don't really buy you take in high road why don't you take a lie robed and so we may end up pregnant hard decision that we didn't want to make people feel that by that we still could do shows that young people that were here being faithful infidelity and i bought that did not do an emblem sheathed for the oprah winfrey show the cheating husbands episode was a turning point but it certainly wasn't about cassidy the next half decade of ober would continue to feature plenty of some social context at least now that we're we're all mind that the whittled roxanne no humiliating the gas but a no way ambushes no racist free for alls when i'm on making all grow wheat wheat eighties crying over completely takes the reins at issue is vitally elevated to what vulgar describes as the hive and one making oprah supported by audible with it on the next election of audio books across all shot arose including files and memoirs inspirational history thrillers bestsellers and more audible also offer short form audio series news and comedy you can't make more time but you can make the most of your time when you listen to a great story on audible start listening today with a thirty day trial in your first book is free is audible dot com slash making oprah support for making no pride comes from everything but the house he'd be th has reinvented the estate sale shop experienced by creating easy to use on line marketplace filled with hundreds of estate sales every month estate sales are cure rate from all over the country and sold on line all over the world satisfy your dinner treasure hunter and go to making oprah that the b. t. h. that competition thousands of vintage treasures today and received twenty dollars off your first winning dead that's making oprah that the b. t. h. dot com or are are in reducing boob insanity and the abdomen this is a promotional things hung from the early eighties for w. l. s. i. a. b. c. channel seven in the u. b. s. did she got out and i'm the miles and land are so far in making all right every shell that we've heard was produced at w. l. s in a priest in your local news tv station which pretty standard local news tv station rules that out despite how successful the oprah winfrey show was they were limited the steps october become frustrated with which she couldn't couldn't do even the small stuff producer and publicist else mcgee and shia poppy anything i'm sorry i hope we can have dogs in the building it was a treadmill sorry we can a treadmill senate building had any game at the time i think if they had to revisit history which said whenever you want put a prick a gem and ha-ha-ha assumptions that kind of moderate those little things but they didn't plant the seeds of ownership a real as wonderful lady know in what they had buddy wishes she was not and kill your typical gabriele s. employee yuri been challenged us now lying in a bottle i did not feel welcome to to be less offices fiefdom never talked about it before because i didn't want to be misinterpreted but since it's my own voice this is the interpretation unit to dissent said i was not welcome in the building other people felt threatened by the oprah show even though we had our little corner office and you know we'd make a lot of noise but we were not the news that to feel that from people so just getting an elevator with other people in the building felt uncomfortable i felt i had to be apologetic you know i thought they had to make myself smaller in that space and so when i had the opportunity to number one on the show but most important move to another building that's why i did it i just went in abbeville thing in nineteen eighty sex she formed her own company harpo purple being sober spelled backwards you might remember the end credits jingle here townhouse out huh earth of decades nineteen eighty eight the oprah winfrey shows third season ended the huber called for the show when it's second annie oakley was named broadcaster of the year then she advanced enough money to completely wrestle ownership of the show from w. well laugh over spent twenty million dollars to find renovated new eighty thousand square foot facility when the time was a rundown industrial area west of downtown chicago to babylon differ fourth season in nineteen ninety over became the first ever given your get older t. v. and film production company the first woman to own and produce her own talk show and their guam in africa or her own studio producer alice mickey you saw the dream just even the overseas on the rangers on the shelf and bigger and your resume at physical manifestation of entering churn out that marvellous amazing executive producer dead because they have a certified it went for versus an honor and allows for whom into the studio and we try to make it fit for what the show had been called a deadly oprah winfrey show harpo studios do maybe what he marble staircase in the control room we got to cost him by the control room to our heights in which monitors we want to look at it with him this do you have and i helped in nineteen ninety harpo studios with a brand new facility to churn out shelves they had a moment of soul searching with the beer ambush al that as they continue to conquer daytime tv they kept trafficking in the standard sensational daytime tv staff here some shows that period i take your interracial relationship pathological liars can pass the results wife beaters shop a hot wax sell that this is invalid your best like television yet but it's very highly rated television reeling in wagons a half hi hi in the early nineties it was at the highest greeting shalom forget the twelve to thirteen million viewers on an average day just a few years after she struck an honor roll out what he saw you i use that but what's most important tool to all of us who work on the shell and especially to me is india masood thank you personally with a past seven years of the shell i can tell you really strength of my heart i more excited about being here today than even the first date the show debuted natalie back in september of nineteen eighty six the oprah winfrey show is now with johnny and corporate machine or at least the baby version of the giant corporate machine that would eventually kill the rail the oprah breathed in that means that i'm for new themes are not casals so much many 'cause i feel like i'm everyone in that we may i knew oprah winfrey shall thinks ah how hot do things and what the law and that is important and you'd better equipment purple the eight done this that they have the team of a handful of producers to scramble for guests and joke around with each other backstage the way to something bigger than you were producer alice nicky we love the little bit on them mom and pop chap indeed become the department store but we try to retain it as best we could as the show grew when we talk to some other folks say they talk about this intimate griffith people passing no posted notes to one another that show ideas until we were you able to maintain its in connection with one another deal with every single young big big multi tunnel for she couldn't be friends with everybody we galloped totally blurred the line of authority ennobling in your early days she could not possibly be a ceo would maintain that the people going in borrowing her jewelry get has kept the guest turned out really killed the u. we could retain and was perfect for why was an idiot he proceeded in a case that was also meant to be i hired a group of people who wanted to do all that they could and would do what it takes to be successful in the early nineties executive producer daddy did male fostered a top competitive work environment it wasn't over called jury was alive stop it's what we did when we woke up in the morning until it went to sleep at night it was our life it was our youth i have a firm belief that for something to be that successful that's what it requires it's tough to be producer hippie oprah winfrey show it's really tough mike mandate was a senior post production editor who started with harpo in nineteen ninety is added to speak in a place for the producers to bed early on that and the joke was there was a cool man and trust the power struggle storm just don't get into that too much we do is they paid that's kind of normal firfer reports were people do a lot of powerful people are can he cheered their idea of what the oprah winfrey show it meant to them reduces it harpo fumed that debbie did they'll go extremely talented work people too hard media commentators at the time called the mail a tyrant and a dictator in june nineteen ninety four over had top conversation with her executive producer and friend the woman who prior to chicago daddy was given a multi million dollar settlement to make a clean break with the shell and today she doesn't have any hard feelings don't so many experiences that were so superlative exhilarating that it could find out anything i was mad at hotdog new building it new set up view being so high is to remove ever money and who are in a few and then ober decides to completely change the show's direction out power to say with as an evolution and die in hudson had been with the oprah winfrey show since the national launch but eight years later she got a big promotion and she took over the helm from debbie de mayo oprah had in the same window asked me to be executive producer and also announced that from here forward we were going at change that types of shows that we dude that she wanted to be a force for good you know not just do no harm and i remember saying okay you know arms holy and that the word like number one we can do we still have to be number one if we change of mission was course lethal have to be number one and one for the the i hate hi huff why see under indictment warned what who wouldn't speaking from experience this is that they're in you might read censure like that that really want all over toward entertainment weekly quote i've been guilty of doing trash tv and not even thinking it was trashed the one or two wooden board i cannot listen to other people blaming their mothers for another year for years and an ounce boy and eyes do we hear any mine i finally learn to slay it hey it right and what about me and learning how to swim in older wiser or gore was growing in more intangible way is looking around for some deeper meaning under my feet and she discovered a bog that besides the bible what the comer favorite book of all time so i'd read this book called bows to his own i read that book i call that carries a goth had to spell my name 'cause he didn't have the television you know what was which was actually throwing crap let ph is silent to take up the public is a big and bulky are a cage over hobble brought know it because i looked and sell my call about what had conversation then asked him to come on the show that ought to erase the cop is a harvard graduate turned quantum physicist turned psychologist who blood eastern wisdom with modern science after over discovered his work here is you call put you're on the show thirty five times more than any of your guest according to gary sitcom our intention what we intended towards others is the single most powerful energy in our lives is the intention there's the effect you exploit the world a new experience in fact to in this appearance on the show and jerry's is called demonstrates that the principle of intention to oprah using one of those contractions with a metal balls that click back and forth to shoot at us to work every day and two for versus the attention experienced it papers of that intention you can never have any intention without an effect of precise hi what understanding fully understanding that principle that that is aha of my life actually up kaufhof that's the way life works at gary's evil defines the intention is a fundamentally free to act it's the conscious quality that enters the reaction which then changes the effects of you create something like a daytime talk show for instance with unconsciously positive and inspiring contention that will be the ultimate results as with other principles love versus the you're staying in your own laying all to pass the principle of intentional and her staff on leave this time it was formally ingrained into production executive producer diane hudson and now the ship the wise to to intentionally intentionally go they are you now talk about things like intention and karma and decisions and choices and love versus b are all those words became a part about our work planning process are creative process there was a very very specific time when we ditch ideas bounding producer alan breck again we wrote dasher and as we said the the they wind up packets and up review them in destiny estonia snow and then there became a fun time that there's a form shredded farm and i'm a it's a tension so what was your intention i said to the producers do not bring me any shell did you do not have a clear motivated intention in producing and when you bring you shall i have to find for myself it's red both truth so that i can hold myself in the center of that so i can do a lot crazy things i'd be review the owl we're running out of the wing of this day in that day in swinging from polls in chandeliers but i got to find samba center of truths were i can be my honest to full self in it and then i can do other things and for a long time i believe in no way she meant resource palmer with the producer hired around the time these changes were introduced i didn't really get out after a bunch here's a guy did get it she really always wanting just have a reason so like um my answered the late 'cause it's not in painting delancey thank look at that not everything necessarily to do it the hard part about doing your per share was it we were trying to do two things right pre compelling television the people wanting to lapse in and create television with intention and ellis don't always overlap were you worried the audience might not fall no wasn't i wasn't worried and never worried about the audience because the audience from the beginning well use follow weaned me and my instincts about what my truth lies in what we what we as a shell one eighty percent is the truth and i felt that as long as an intruder myself there will be somebody who will relate to that with the announcement of this new oprah winfrey show there was a noticeable dip in the ratings by now there were eighteen other shows on air competing for attention operas protege perky lake assorted number two with shows like surprise that one asleep with you and daughters to date older men in the mom's you can't stop them at the oprah winfrey show with shows like keeping the child safe home and stopping gossip their daily viewership fell for around twelve million nine million but oprah and her team kept working to protect this new incarnation of daytime television and if you want shows from this iraq you can see it i'm trying to find strategies to stage positive again while still creating captivating television and so we won on the air here live in chicago a terrorist wa lakes bloated and a federal office building in downtown oklahoma city one strategy he tackled emotional interviews around national tragedies after the nineteen ninety five oklahoma city bombing operator viewed the last survivor pulled from the wreckage of picking your old girl fighting for her life in a hospital that the hague theses sofa have to hear me open your eyes now huh came to see and to tell you to new troop of girl and it showed that a far more positive approach when they tackle the big social issues in nineteen ninety six the petri dish obama little rock nine nine african american students who attend said to integrate in arkansas high school in nineteen fifty seven i often in speeches saying that people who call before we were the bridges that i crossed over on and the little rock and i was a big plans for me because at that not happen what happened in television fifteen twenty years later could not happen at all or drop the white students now grown up who would believe the little rock nine into the studio to ask the african american students for forgiveness so you came here today why'd you guys during your life aren't working negative blanket idea that katherine power really active and trout that not for prayer and another new powerful strategy for making positive a. and captivating television be emotional surprises for unsuspecting members of the oprah winfrey show pontiacs on mother's day october surprise the couple who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of twin babies they didn't and indeed how a fifty year when your baby's breath come on out and see how how whiff if so are they looking for big surprises who surprise when the valentine's day alone the dole of the power vested in me to the state of illinois the county of what it is my privilege to pronounce the u. n. to all right and the world to know is this is robert stapleton husband and wife flathead why then you would please to get something still loves it so well intentioned it seems well do it with the idea of longtime producer ellis mickey and it was in the most well received pitch in its edgar when it's okay to found crazy but what if we tried to do which is for one segment you know like a book lot like a meeting were you announce a book of an annex month week we talked about as we love talk about bugs and she howl then edge to it are i will think about love think about all think about it for you well it'll take about so basically alice's big idea was to say to this audience of millions hey we're all gonna read a book together then later you're gonna watch us talk about it and how might find but awkward do you think about it over the summer and then on september seventeenth nineteen ninety six oprah's book club was launched ok this is one of my all time favorite moments of having on television right now you're witnessing it and what we wanna do is start a book club here on the oprah show and i wanna get the whole country meet again those of you haven't been reading that five wife to get a list we have found that twenty five years of around years by david momentum right time when she said her next book is on not salomon and he said i like the wind on the hill again in the last final moments of the hail mary half half don't damn mad whack hi is the muslims there in mutual enthusiasm when great miles don't turn to dust on joe you know merging the noble literary in the bag that toni morrison had been happening in sheets that this is sold more books in which it the nobel prize and was just what i like grateful moment we'll hand they're here now here's where right oprah's book club chicago six oh six six one or you can write us in america on line those of you and i knew that using the key word will while fraught with ober indoors to bow to the author's sales sky rocketed tsongas elements author toni morrison called oprah's book club at the reading revolution according to some estimates over fifty million books have been sold since they were selected by oat bran and promoted honor shall but now poker surprisingly analytical about the power of her endorsement she's even broken down the numbers for herself the books and the ability to you know that's just about platform that's about reach so if you have ten million people listening to you in any given time about a million of them will respond to what every year saying if it means i wanna buy something away get something i should hear this dana i should go to this location whenever about ten percent is where just instinctively certificate so i started using books based on i like it will a million other people like it purse audience had been in a decade long relationship with her and over that decade they built a lot of trust they try sir foist corrupting in entertain east so starting with the book lot all press able to turn herself into a baby here on an arrow the table to point her audience courts things that she thinks will enrich their lives and read that there were all points the audience whilst will never forget we did assemble home decorating shout producer alan racket in one of the tapes wise to make your host pretty take lavender oil and coming right out law has turned out he and sell the baby we're jack carter auctions at as a hate he'd be on the beach trial onion dip and things that we realized the level of responsibility that we had a house fire is really bad but i wanna go one two another much bigger thing that alan mentioned the beef trial this is one example of how the old for butterfly could flapped its wings and on we shut the storm hit a good of a thought about the trial and he fell more than five minutes news reporter nineteen ninety eight at texas printer shows off the hundreds of items that he's made that shuffle press faced with the red line across the show of the mother of a fleet of two year of gadfly during the shell in april nineteen ninety six at the height of the mad cow disease skier called for and against talk negatively about b. after the broadcast cattle prices dropped in your tenure lois and reinsurers a blamed their losses on oprah oprah was sued by texas cattlemen seeking at eleven million dollars in damages it was a long legal battle and oprah was forced to relocate your show to texas during the fight for trial in the end upper was found not maya howe ha-ha people who said i would not be able to get at their trial in taxes by two program we ha ha who seized the trial has a defining moment in the fleet of herself in the snow here she is in two thousand one talking about sitting on the witness stand being questioned by the cattlemen's attorney this is from in an ear to winning session the show posted online has said anything any airplane glue in jail archie and when you announced about people don't read that book now but what had caused not you have a book why the nevada million people wait no look now at the gazelle when you sat there and you say it would just then about the u. do you read is drawn i flats hubco year manipulator arm year old wiring up so late so i realized okay he's calling me how did is home now but i realized sitting there that this is not worrying this is not who i am i'm not a manipulator i'm not a liar i did not say that to destroy the beef industry and his client somewhere and so i've just got really calm and i thought he is he's not why and that guy in that moment it was the old for a fact on trial that's what people call it the audience's response to what old percent or endorsed old brick all that free speech now if you ask all brought about the oprah fact she says she's got that interested in how she impacted but dad bought or sold which she really wants to talk about is how she changed people's lives so that that will prevent being able to get people to respond to things in in in a commercial conaway mean meaning buying things does not compare to the daily impact in the chef that occurred harmful they often we live in particular saw themselves the shift in consciousness that happened that's about the teeth she's the information in connection that was offered a daily basis on which i cannot image that having up on making the whole world all who makes the case to the american public that inside each and every one of us who says you're netted five five what make no bread is supported by a bottle with it and that selection of audio books including love warrior when doyle mountains memoir of self discovery and the underground railroad buckles and light headed by young slaves desperate flight to freedom within any time anywhere using the audible at seven thirty p. trial today and your first book is free just visit awful dot com slash making oprah making over it is supported by hello fresh and mielke delivery service that wants to change the way people eat forever believing that everyone deserves honest natural delicious and healthy food hello fresh sources the freshest ingredients measure to be exact quantities needed so there's no food waste and employs two full time registered dietitians that review each recipe to ensure his nutritionally balanced for special discount on your first week of deliveries visit hello fresh dot com enter the code making oprah when you subscribe hello fresh more than food i have and then what is it that we start weekly hoisted eindhoven change your life changing your life comes in the village and mining has exact name tag doing reversals it as it is that in nineteen ninety eight the oprah winfrey show began marketing itself has changed your life television's the show began featuring more new h. writers spiritual counselor sunlight coaches this was intentionally positive t. v. on hyperdrive with a much more explicit focus on turning inward and i are nadia and indebtedness is your attention on him is that you know what the phrase changer life was all over the show all purpose here excited about this new explicitly spiritual format but this re reading started raising a lot of an eyebrow sit and it's good news directors of the local affiliate stations that were cheering and shouting to headlights and handed them out to be good thing is executive producer diane hutson most of the news directors are like when you do weighing you know your inner on our ratings and this isn't gonna work where they'll end and you found yours very big house what is likely to give one place it feels that won't be getting out of time which is now how are you fair in your life around him as a part of change your life television issue began introducing the regulars segment called remembering your spirit of the things i remember us dead if death so we started remembering your spirit is specially was just something we're doing at the end of every show we have at it maybe to read for many a piece that justly highlighted somebody doing something on a higher level and i started to just unwilling to whom i know taking care of a sick friend taking an auto homeless child or the ia lot to do great examples but backwards here it just seemed to throw everybody our spirit is what drives us to do the things that we believe very thin and it's a whiff of the impoundment has sunk in sober news directors and you were so like we got questions like wearing their religion now because like i do not know was busby light the separation of religion and talk to him that the book and we jest that no we did we just held our curtailed know when things are rare and things of bribery and things of that sad daffodils are blooming again and i and i and my wife is in the process of coming to him several producers told us they were too fond of the remembering your spirits that make they worried that the oprah show was becoming the purity of itself ok light the candles there's the woman on the swaying shot of someone looking out the window three to wine kotula men in a field eventually and oprah's stepped in and issued a candle moratorium yeah elysee another candle shot with a person walking through the grass and leaves in the background that we were trying to get given the usual interpretation of what it means to be spiritual and i remember doing the show with carolyn mays who wrote a book called the anatomy of spirit were at the spirit as an allied force that you don't get that cannot accept the fact that we are law and body and spirit been none of this makes it's a local stations weren't the only ones puzzled by this new spiritual that the loyal audience wasn't really getting to be there during his nineteen ninety eight job with spiritual brighter carolyn these it all came to a head so i could see that the audience was becoming listless and glazed over there like what is going on here so i stopped the shell in the militia was stopped it and said hey what's going on here at what our physical batting one hour is growing too long i think that how many a man made you think that i knew just not quite sure yet i was not sure yet if you are in that chair insolence to consider on a witch talking about spirit we mean spirited are you talkin' jesus are you talking disciples would you mean spirited and i said no i'm not talking religion we're talking about your spirit you know the spirit and the solicit no i don't know and everybody else in the audience are denying what he's talking to sell spirit as a foreign concept at the porn can't get started to laugh away from me or more than legends spirit is village it's send a ticket to happen you know and that is precisely i think why we're getting a lot of criticism this year will not only will okay but we can tell you that remembering your spirit people don't even know they have one it's awful to sell that also change my approach to remembering your spirit like it's not a religious thing it's the essence of who you are it's the u. capital wide of who you are italian give up trying to explain it to people and so you think who didn't think of this as the college years on the oprah winfrey show that time when you break free and really start exploring new to your tory not discarding at your own identity but also discovering new ideas that might not be altogether comparable to people who've known you for a long time changer like tv was freshman year at you know little houlihan enthusiasm for the oprah winfrey show was dropping and making matters worse the oprah's status as america's number one talk show host with what the american tv with getting even more crowded than show some alone grown are becoming more and more popular fee for twenty five three weeks in nineteen ninety nine jerry springer was beating her in the wings or called springer equal vulgarity circuits referencing the springer show we're against pull down his pants were added i can understand how you can get beaten in the ratings i'm introducing books they'd have penises in nineteen ninety nine comedy central the view that man shot where co host jimmy kimmel and adam corolla altman michelle with this manifesto how am i fought for not cut out for us the or because we have a serious problems than three and her name is over i'm how that million so when the honorable rust belt details of what you're reading would eat what did they wanted to know oh what this was a big fellow what the bill or eisenhower has the effect of this room are some of these vroom the main showed his ditzel the satire the kind of counter oprah winfrey show for it stereotypical men but by now the oprah winfrey show ahead be calm in the central part of american femininity and eighty here you had a successful woman in charge of her own shall controlling her own message to which huge audience powerful woman who told women to be empowered and get in touch with their felix the main job wasn't far off for much of the other criticism that the oprah winfrey show began receiving the new york times called oprah's changer like tv a quote psycho spiritual reformation in which any attempt entertain has been abandoned in favor of the search for truth on this and reduced fat snacks that still satisfy at this point the shalt really has two choices they go back to what they know works the stuff they know the audience loves or they doubled down adjustables blinders and stay in the lane they've chosen all bruck chose the latter by now all the oprah winfrey show had entered the rail matt biondi daytime they were trying to shape a new space all probe was working to lead an awakening among the millions of women that one just about spirituality but about what it meant to be all guam in and in one episode about priorities that became crystal clear we're doing a show about where you are on your list so we did nothing but everyone everyone in the audience is good make the list of your priorities and then we asked where he won that was most of the women in our audience of the nineties were either not on the west to our last on list that was just the conditioning that we had is willing people there was a call to roll idea that unless you're last on the list then you are selfish on this episode the show's cast was like coach bureau richardson i remember so distinctly the moment shirl said you should be first on the list and women started the wing literally two wayne good blowing glass oak solicit where'd you get this woman you obviously don't have any children that and i said hey everybody calm down calm down this is my house is not jerry springer is and this isn't what we do when people come to visit my house she said you should be first on the list she didn't say abandon your children in the streets at night leave your husband's threatened to leave your work your job she just said that giselle first on the list why is that a difficult concept and i signed at changed over the years i saw that physically we've missed the change in attitude that women gays to themselves wahlberg was committing to the new direction she didn't respond as some of the criticism that the show was too preachy she officially changed the show's slogan prompt change your life to live your best life the message was tweaked for one focus on being spiritual to one focused on finding the best version of your authentic self edward empowerment but from the very beginning that's what ober said she wanted to show to be out anyway one thing i've learned is that no matter how far down you go and i tell ya have been down on my knees with the best idiot this plan is from the very first two national forecast back in september nineteen eighty six it's ya what's it all at home i'll steeple hopefully to understand the power they have to change their own lives it is today that most people have a pretty clear idea of what the oprah winfrey show wise but it's easy to forget just how much evil eventually it found its identity as leave your best like a tv but only after years of exploration reinvention trial and error so here they were about fifteen years and finally aligned with the vision and purpose that oprah's set for the show from that first national broadcast it away the show had achieved what they set out to do from september eighth nineteen eighty six but in the new century the oprah winfrey show would try out and do itself all over and over with elaborate shows and bigger spectacles but one shoot down everything what else is there to do we've got ten more years to henhouse found what it next time on may eighteenth hole for we need the stars in the excitement is infectious they were times were high you know hannah virus those who seek a river in facing a new era now is on the stool and i thought i have hallucinating i'm going to fall off the stool the staff who works hard i mean you really are i really never left him for it all the time it was definitely an environment of people who've worked all night we find out what it takes to score a crime scene in the studio audience will it may be seated that i served with right now where as that but i recall of mail it in all that advantage over gives away since the asleep producer you provide the script for over a heap i'm pretty sure our road utilicorp of islam were in the making albright is a production of w. b. z. chicago is really hard for two shows after a lonely on a smaller cars i'm jim like the producer is still living his best life column a multi executive producers are vain calhoun who still has a time everyone and stuck in his head and joe meier has been doing some beta testing for this series they haven't been going too well law has turned out that you're jackpot erections how effective they hate some of the audio in this episode comes courtesy of harpo incorporated the show with makes my job to sell our digital added various tricia phobia and our internees anyway and who has watched quite enough over by now and make sure you subscribe to making over on itunes or whatever you get your flight path that way you be sure not to miss a single episode lawyer the year please give us a breeding or revealed that really helps and if you want even more making oprah folded up would you be easy dot org slash all puffed high had it for a deep support for making oprah came from audible with audio books betting on genre as including vials in memoirs inspirational mystery thrillers bestsellers and more start listening today with a thirty day trial in your first book is free mrs audible dot com slash making oprah interested in hearing more original content like this connect with w. b. z. by texting all practice three zero six four four to receive weekly station updates with the latest stories news and events message and did 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