Episode: Shattering our individual "glass ceilings"

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Shattering our individual "glass ceilings"
Today's episode unveils a combination of some of  Zenobia's personal reflections; both recent and long-standing. One, in particular, is the Kinder and Gentler Campaign, that she is asking her audience to help her advance. Another is the "glass ceiling" that has been imposed on all of us, while the glass escalator and elevator  have been designed for many of our counterparts.  If the "ceiling," real or perceived, is a factor in your life, you will find this broadcast encouraging.  Call in during the broadcast with your questions and comments (646) 716.8344. Or, you can leave a message at (650) 741.4137.  Feel free to visit zenobiabailey.org and request a complimentary copy of Tips to Create an Online Business. The 5-minute video that Zenobia mentions on this podcast can be viewed at youcanbuildabiz.com.  

Chats that encourage women to live well
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