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We're going to be chatting about the Sony tech live on today's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio. We'll also be sure to break in with any big news that comes out of Apple's press conference today.

Kotaku Talk Radio
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Kotaku Talk Radio > Kotaku Talk Radio

Stephen Totilo just spent half a day with the retail version of Halo: Reach in New York City. I spent some time with Bungie last week at GamesCom. We're also going to be talking about the oodles of games we saw and played at last week's GamesCom and the ones we expect to see at next week's Penny Arcade Expo.

Kotaku Talk Radio > Kotaku Talk Radio

Kotaku Radio Gurus bring out the Madden Juice and Discuss the new EA Gridiron release. Get Technical tips and inside analysis on the hottest games in gaming.

Kotaku Talk Radio > Kotaku Talk Radio

Dante goes punk. Wesker slaps down Spidey. Doc Brown is back. Pokemon for grown-ups? What's going on!
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