Episode: Episode Four: Buttonholes and Bands

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Episode Four: Buttonholes and Bands


Show notes:

Congratulations to Fi of the UK for winning the giveaway from episode 3!

Question from listener about ease in garments

Knitbot Simple Hat KAL

Buttonhole sampler


Pam's Favorite Buttonhole: double yo

work row 1 (RS) to 2 stitches before the buttonhole stitch.

make a double yarn over by bringing the yarn through the needles to the front, then over the RH needle to the back, then to the front between the needles again.

knit the next 2 stitches together, knit to the end of the row.

work row 2 to the yarn over, purl into the yarn over, letting the second wrap drop from the left needle, work to the end of the row.

work row 3 to the stitch above the buttonhole, knit into the hole (not the stitch above) and carry on.

Hannah's Favorite Buttonhole: one row buttonhole

bring yarn to front

slip 1 stitch from left to right needle

move yarn to back

slip 1 stitch from left to right needle.  Pass first sl st over 2nd sl st.

Repeat twice more, a total of 3 sts bound off (or as many as you want)

Slip last st you bound off back to your left needle, turn work so WS is facing you.

cast on 4 sts, which is 1 more than we bound off, onto your left needle with a knitted cast on, turn your work so that RS is facing once again

Slip 1 st from left needle to right needle.  Cast the last cast on st over the slipped st.  You now have a buttonhole slit 3 sts wide.


Placement of buttonholes

Picking up for a band along vertical, diagonal and horizontal edges

Practice picking up stitches on your gauge swatch

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  Buttonhole sampler, from top to bottom:   double yo, yo and one row buttonholes

Buttonhole sampler, from top to bottom:

double yo, yo and one row buttonholes

 Picking up stitches along a vertical edge

Picking up stitches along a vertical edge

 Picking up stitches along a horizontal edge

Picking up stitches along a horizontal edge

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