Episode: Interview with Brian Zahnd on Water to Wine - KR 16

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Interview with Brian Zahnd on Water to Wine - KR 16
Ever feel discontent with your ministry? Join our conversation with Brian Zhand as he unpacks his journey of why a pastor of a large and successful church would risk everything in a quest to find a richer, deep fuller Christianity. Brian’s story is a journey into faithfulness of Christianity’s great theological tradition. If Christianity is going to thrive into the coming generations we need to listen to the deep thinkers and practitioners of the Church like Brian Zhand. You can find Brian on Twitter @BrianZahnd (https://twitter.com/BrianZahnd)or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BrianZahnd/timeline). Brian Also blogs at http://brianzahnd.com. Books by Brian Zhand: Water to Wine (http://goo.gl/oPZ29k) Beauty Will Save the World (http://goo.gl/qO1FyT) A Farewell to Mars (http://goo.gl/J6kwwO) Suggested Books from Podcast: The Spirit of Early Christian Thought by Robert Wilken (https://goo.gl/7erzAu) The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard (https://goo.gl/MIEOT5)

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